I can't attend all events, can I lend my badge to my colleague?

No, badges are non-transferable.

Where do I pick up my badge?

Registration and Badge pick up will be available at SAT, (1201 Boul. Saint-Laurent) between 9am and 7pm from November 19-22.

If I have a Gold badge, do I have to attend all events? (dinners and cocktails)

It is strongly recommended. If you know you can't make it to a dinner or a cocktail or the speed schmoozing, please get in touch with delegates@mformontreal.com as soon as possible as we have to deal with exact numbers.

Where do I get the schedule of activities?

Visit the schedule "Shows", "Panels and Workshops" and "Professional Activities" sections of our website or download the M for Montreal iPhone app.

How does the M Fest work?

Basically, Friday and Saturday nights run like a normal festival, where the public has purchased tickets and venues are subject to maximum capacities. Therefore, if there's a show you really want to see, we suggest you arrive early. No one is guaranteed entry if maximum capacity is reached, even Gold badges.

How does the speed schmoozing work?

More infos to come.


If I have a Gold badge, do I need any tickets for any shows or activities?

No. More information in the "Panels and Workshops" schedule section.

What’s the temperature like in Montreal in November?

Montreal is known for its unpredictable weather. Sometimes it rains and gets warm, then the temperature decreases, it turns to ice, then it snows and then you’re pretty much screwed. So you’re in for a ride! Hehe...just kidding, it's actually been pretty nice lately (15 degrees celcius). Make sure you bring:

- A warm jacket + a lighter jacket if it's not that cold;
- Scarf, tuque/beanie/knit hat, gloves (not sure you'll need these, but just in case);
- Comfortable shoes/small boots;
- Rain jacket and umbrella;
...stilettos are not recommended.

I have ongoing business back home. Will the hotels have wi-fi in the rooms and in the lobby spaces?

Hotel Zero 1 and Trylon Apartments have wi-fi in their lobby spaces and rooms, but there will be extra charges for high-speed Internet in the rooms. Our delegates lounge and conference hub at SAT also have free Wi-Fi.

Will there be a shuttle waiting for me at the airport?

Shuttles to Trylon and Zero1 hotels will be provided at YUL airport during peak arrival times on November 19 & 20. Please look for M for Montreal hostesses outside of baggage claim - they will be holding an M for Montreal sign. Shuttles will also be available back to the airport on November 24th - contact delegates@mformontreal.com for more information.

Do I need a VISA to enter the country?

Guests from Europe and the United States don’t need a VISA, but a valid passport. For guests coming from South America, Asia and Eastern Europe, you will most likely need one, plus you’ll need an invitation letter from M for Montreal. Make sure you check this out with the Canadian consulate in your country before traveling.

Do I need an adaptor?

Canadian voltage is 110-120 Volts (most other areas are 220-240 Volts), so yes! Bring one!

What do I do if my flight got delayed?

Please get in touch with delegates@mformontreal.com